We strive to contribute to a world where ethical and moral decision-making is based on a position of wisdom, compassion, and genuine love for others.


EUDE is about a methodological approach that enables PARENTS and TEACHERS to help children to enact ethical and moral decision-making through the development of "Intersubjective Discernment"

What is Discernment?

Discernment involves going past the mere perception of something and it involves separating, dividing, or distinguishing that which is hidden or obscure in order to reach a more developed and critical understanding of an existing body of knowledge. Discernment is virtue, and discerning individual is considered to possess wisdom.

What is Inter-subjectivity?

It is a process of ongoing attention that flows through the dynamic tension between multiple qualities of awareness, which arise in one's consciousness due to the engaged 'subjectivities' of two (or more) persons 

Why is this Important?

Egocentric tendencies seem to dominate our decisions and interactions. Our current decision-making to the worlds most pressing problems seem to be based on intelligent solutions but not based on wise approaches and neither in genuine love for others. 

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This means, to face the main challenge of all, the regulation of our self-centre tendencies (egocentrism), so we can develop the capacity to love others beyond the boundaries of our attachement, to be wise beyond the boundaries of intelligence, and to be compassionate beyond the boundaries of empathy, pity or paternalistic altruism.

We believe that it is time for humankind to develop its FULL POTENTIAL

This is, to develop yet the best version of ourself and to show how beautiful we can be when we do so.

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