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Program for Parents


Expected length: 6 Months per each Phase

Mode: Online

Maximum number of students per Group: 10

Admission Status


Course Overview

This program works with parent intervention at home. Parents learn to help children and adolescents to think ethically; that is, how to know, discern and infer the subjective content of their experience and its intersubjective character.

Parents learn specific techniques and methods that help children develop ethical awareness. It is about embodying ethics and acting ethically.


(* It is not about thinking about ethics or acting from a relativistic set of values).


Description of Each Phase

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

What is Included

  • 1 tutorial - 8 hours 
  • 1 individual class each week - 1 hour 
  • Group discussion every three weeks - 2 hours
  • Access to an E-learning Platform
  • Manuals and Guides for all Activities
  • On line mentor for 6 months