The Founder

Gilda's academic background which ranges from being an Engineer in Artificial Intelligence to become in later life a Doctor of Philosophy was a huge asset for becoming a social entrepreneur and a founder of two organizations; EudeGlobal and UEthics. Based on her years of work experience designing computational models for decision-making, she became concerned with the effect of self-centred reflections in decision-making and preoccupied with the potential link it might have with the decrease in human discernment. After travelling the world she moved away from AI and began designing her initiative named EUDE, which shades light to the complexity of our shared ecological nature, which in turn lifts the veil on how to address human's cognitive development towards less egocentric tendencies through means of Discernment. Gilda finished her PhD with the intention to articulate the philosophical and conceptual framework of her initiative in order to make a contribution to ethical education, moral psychology and locate the programme within the field of social sciences and artificial intelligence.   


Gilda Henriquez Darlas, has worked tirelessly in providing a new and fruitful place for reflection to those of us who continue to search for ways of caring for the human experience. 


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